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CUNA Mutual Group

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Have you ever been talking with a credit union representative and they mention CUNA Mutual Group and you wonder who in the world are they? This page is devoted to providing a little more about CUNA and what they do for not only New Century Federal Credit Union, but credit unions nationwide. So, what are you waiting for, let’s dive in and find out more.

Q: Who is CUNA Mutual Group?

A: CUNA Mutual Group was founded in 1935 by credit union leaders who got together to protect their members. Today, CUNA Mutual is an insurance holding company who helps its subsidiaries and affiliates by providing products and services to 95% of credit unions in the United States.

Q: What does CUNA Mutual Group offer?

A: CUNA Mutual offers insurance and investment products to help credit union members achieve financial security. They also offer information and tools to help credit unions implement, promote and maintain their products. You can also discover the latest articles on trends going on to help better your credit union.

Q: What else does CUNA Mutual do/provide?

A: CUNA has many more products that could be of value. For more information, visit the CUNA website to learn more.

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