Visa Cards

Where else but your credit union would you find a credit card offering so much for so little. We have two basic kinds of cards. The Classic Visa Card for members as well as a Visa Gold Card for those members who are homeowners. We offer:

  • – No Annual Fee
  • – Low-Interest Rate
  • – 25 Day Grace Period on Purchases
  • – No Transaction Fee for Cash Advances


This gives you the same worldwide acceptance of any other Visa credit card. Compare our card to the card you now carry, then call or come in for your application. Make the switch to a New Century Federal Credit Union Visa Card.

Application Requirements

  • – A signed application that can be picked up at any of our locations.
  • – A copy of the last 2 pay stubs or a copy of the most recent IRS 1040 form must verify income. Self-employed members must show 2 years of IRS 1040 forms.


The maximum credit limit on both types of cards is based upon the gross monthly income of the applicant(s) current salary as verified by the pay stubs or the IRS 1040 form.

Secure Visa Cards

Secured Visa cards are a great way for younger adults to start building a credit history, or for older members who need to re-establish their credit score. This gives you all of the services that a New Century Visa offers, while still building a solid credit history. Basically you agree to hold a set amount of funds with us at the credit union, and we in turn give you a visa card that you can use in any store that accepts visa whether online or in an actual location.