New Car Loans

Regardless of what type of car you’re looking for, the loan officers at New Century are prepared to help you find the loan that will help get you out the door and into your new car. Either come in for pre-approval or wait until after you have found the vehicle you are looking for. All of the low-interest loans at New Century have no pre-payment penalties and payment plans to fit your budget.


The maximum amount of a new vehicle loan can be 90% of the retail or sticker price as determined by the dealer’s invoice; including taxes, license, and title transfer. The maximum term available is new to four years and up to 72 months.

Learn about how dealerships markup the price of a loan.

During the term of the loan, New Century Federal Credit Union will have to be placed as the lienholder on the title, and the title will be provided by the member and be kept on file at New Century. Proof of full coverage insurance must be provided and maintained throughout the term of the loan.

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